Wah Fu Estate redevelopment set

The Housing Authority today announced the latest progress on the phased clearance and redevelopment of Wah Fu Estate and the relevant rehousing arrangements.


The authority said the views it collected generally supported the proposal on the estate redevelopment and clearance in three phases.


The proposed developments in the five Pok Fu Lam South sites, namely, Wah King Street, Wah Lok Path, Wah Fu North, Kai Lung Wan South and Kai Lung Wan North, and the existing Wah Fu Estate will serve as major reception resources for the redevelopment of the estate.


In accordance with the latest progress, the anticipated intake date of the phase one Wah King Street site will be advanced from 2027 to 2026 for rehousing tenants of Wah On House and Wah Lok House.


The anticipated intake date of Wah Lok Path site in 2027 to 2028 will remain unchanged while the anticipated intake date of Wah Fu North site will be revised from the second half of 2028 to the first half of 2030 due to technical issues.


In view of this situation, in order to commence the redevelopment plan as soon as possible, the original phase one is further divided into two subphases. The Wah King Street site will be rephased as phase 1a and the Wah Lok Path and Wah Fu North site will be rephased as phase 1b.


The anticipated intake date of phase two Kai Lung Wan South and Kai Lung Wan North sites will remain unchanged as from 2030 to 2031. The anticipated intake date of Phase 3 at existing Wah Fu Estate will remain as from 2040 to 2041.


The authority announced today the clearance and rehousing arrangements for phase 1a, which will include two blocks, ie Wah On House and Wah Lok House. 


There are about 900 affected households currently living in these two blocks. The public housing development at the nearby Wah King Street site, which will be used as the reception estate, will provide 1,208 units and will be able to accommodate all of them with the anticipated intake at the end of 2026.


All domestic tenants affected by the clearances will be offered a domestic removal allowance ranging from $10,030 to $31,910, depending on the household sizes, to help meet part of their moving expenses. One-person and two-person households may also opt to receive a singleton/doubleton allowance in lieu of rehousing to a public rental housing unit.


The five Pok Fu Lam sites will provide a total of about 8,920 public housing units, and the number of flats in Wah Fu Estate is expected to increase from about 9,200 to about 12,200 after redevelopment. Upon completion of the whole redevelopment of Wah Fu Estate, a total of about 21,120 flats will be provided.


As with previous clearance exercises, a community service team will be set up and stationed on-site in the estate to help maintain effective communications between the authority and affected households, in particular the elderly.


Additionally, the team will assist affected households with moving out of their existing flats and adapting to their new living environment.


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