DC election arrangements ready

Electoral Affairs Commission Chairman David Lok said today the arrangements for tomorrow's 2023 District Council Ordinary Election are ready.


Mr Lok and Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Erick Tsang accompanied Chief Executive John Lee to visit the District Council geographical constituency polling station at Ningnan Secondary School to inspect the set-up and on-site rehearsal this morning.


“Arrangements for the elections are ready and electoral staff are in the final preparations and rehearsal, and will spare no effort to discharge their duties to ensure a smooth and accurate conduct of the poll and count tomorrow,” Mr Lok noted.


More than 600 District Council geographical constituency (DCGC) polling stations will be set up to serve about 4.33 million electors. A total of 18 District Committees constituency (DCC) polling stations will also be set up across the city for about 2,500 DCC electors to cast their DCC votes.


Mr Lok reminded DCC electors to cast their DCC and DCGC votes respectively at two polling stations.


He then joined Mr Tsang to inspect the near boundary polling stations set up at Hong Kong Taoist Association Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Kap Yan Directors' College.


The commission chairman extended his thanks to staff of the Registration & Electoral Office and other relevant bureaus and departments for their efforts, and called on registered electors to fulfil their civic responsibility and vote tomorrow.


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