Students' attainment rates drop

The results of the 2023 Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA) show a drop in the attainment rates of Primary 3, Primary 6 and Secondary 3 students participating in the assessment of three subjects that involve Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics.


The Education Bureau made the announcement today that it received the report submitted by the Hong Kong Examinations & Assessment Authority (HKEAA) and noted that this is the first report since the three-year suspension of the assessment.


Apart from pointing out that the drop in the attainment rates is similar to the situation of the drop in students' performance during the COVID-19 epidemic as reflected in large-scale international assessments, the bureau stated that most of the drop is within acceptable ranges.


After noting that it resumed the TSA this year, along with the resumption of whole-day face-to-face classes, it explained that the school sector generally found that the suspension of face-to-face classes during the epidemic had caused certain impacts on both the learning and development of students.


Moreover, it took time for various parties to adapt to the first assessment since the three-year suspension and therefore, it is not appropriate to draw any conclusions with reference to the assessment results this year.


Regarding the more significant drop in the Primary 6 attainment rates, the HKEAA will further study the reasons.


The TSA aims to provide objective data to help schools and the Government gauge students' attainment of basic competencies in Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics and give feedback for the planning of school-based learning and teaching, and for reviewing education policies with the information obtained.


In addition to advising schools and parents not to focus only on the assessment results, the bureau urged them to understand the various reasons behind the drop in the overall attainment rates and provide students with room to readjust to school life and rhythm.

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