Law education programme launched

The first part of the “Rule of Law Education Train-the-Leaders Programme”, themed “Rule of Law Education Stars”, was held by the Department of Justice (DoJ) today.

The two-day programme seeks to reinforce understanding of the rule of law in the community, a key policy goal in this year’s Policy Address. Today’s event was attended by more than 200 people.

The DoJ in February established the Steering Committee on Rule of Law Education to assist in formulating a strategy and programme for promoting such education in Hong Kong. 

Secretary for Justice Paul Lam leads the steering committee and two working groups focused on detailed implementation of the programme.

The programme involves teaching a first batch of young trainees from 20 organisations and groups undertaking youth-related and community work about the rule of law in a varied, interactive, interesting, down to earth and easy-to-understand manner. The aim is to enhance their understanding of and respect for the rule of law, as well as their ability to communicate consistent and correct message about it to different sectors in the community.

At a launch ceremony, Mr Lam said that the content of rule of law education must be correct, just and fair, and must be taught in an effective manner, as it involves a major issue of right and wrong.

He added that the DoJ will take the lead to explore the way forward and share relevant information, performing the role of a “guide boat” for rule of law education.

With a number of star tutors in attendance, the launch-day event addressed the topic of “rule of law and our legal system”. Mr Lam spoke about the essence of the rule of law as a concept, and its relationship to the Constitution, the Basic Law, the Hong Kong National Security Law and the “one country, two systems” principle.

He also gave an overview of Hong Kong’s legal and judicial systems.

The second event in the programme will be held on December 2. A graduation ceremony will also be held on the same day to present certificates to trainees who have completed the programme’s first phase over the two days.

The DoJ will launch a second phase of the programme within the next year to continue its work in promoting rule of law education on all fronts.

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