Bedbug importation addressed

The Environment & Ecology Bureau today held a meeting to understand relevant sectors’ efforts in preventing the importation and spread of bedbugs, and to assist them in implementing effective and sustainable measures.

The meeting was convened in response to concern over the recent emergence of bedbug infestations in some overseas locations.

Representatives from the Airport Authority, the MTR Corporation, the hotel sector, the Tourism Commission and relevant government departments attended the meeting, which was hosted by Acting Secretary for Environment & Ecology Diane Wong.

Miss Wong received a briefing on various preventive measures being implemented at the airport, on the Airport Express line, in hotels and at the cruise terminal.

Representatives from the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) and the Centre for Health Protection Port Health Division shared technical advice on ways to prevent bedbugs spreading.

Miss Wong said the Government has been maintaining close communication with relevant sectors and that they have reacted promptly to bolster the city’s defences by carrying out deep cleaning and disinfestation work, as well as other anti-bedbug measures. 

The Government, together with the tourist trade, will continue to pay close attention to the the situation and provide technical support, Miss Wong added.

The FEHD has been working closely with the Department of Health and relevant organisations to strengthen awareness and educational work, including distribution of promotional leaflets at the airport. The two departments are also implementing on-site inspections.

The bureau will report to the Deputy Chief Secretary on all work towards preventing outbreaks of bedbugs in Hong Kong.

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