Govt staff take action after typhoon

Following the passage of Super Typhoon Saola, the Government today activated the government-wide mobilisation level to co-ordinate emergency operations and promptly mobilised a quick response unit comprising over 100 civil servants from different departments to provide support in several districts.   The Government is working at full steam to perform relief work after the typhoon, aiming for the community's full return to normal operations and the resumption of people’s daily lives as early as possible.   Secretary for Home & Youth Affairs Alice Mak led some civil servants to Sha Tau Kok to help the elderly who had stayed in temporary shelters to return to their residential care home.   Meantime, others from the quick response unit were deployed to Tung Chung Heung and Lei Yue Mun to carry out clean-up work. Apart from removing garbage, fallen branches and leaves on roads, they also helped residents remove sandbags.   The Government said it is grateful to all supporting members and colleagues from various departments for their dedication and efforts in enabling the community to return to normal as soon as possible.   The Chief Executive announced in the Policy Address that the Government would introduce a government-wide mobilisation level to ensure that a quick response unit formed by government employees could be mobilised promptly during major crises requiring considerable manpower support to handle such incidents.

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