Visiting Ex-Sham Shui Po Service Reservoir

Listed a Grade 1 historic structure, the Ex-Sham Shui Po Service Reservoir will tentatively be open for guided tours from December 15, 2021 to June 14, 2022.   Each guided tour lasts about 90 minutes, covering the service reservoir's design and architectural structures, as well as the historical development of the fresh water supply system in Kowloon. The maximum number of visitors is 12 per tour.   Water Supplies Department Senior Engineer/Reservoir Safety Wong Hei-nok said the department hopes the public will appreciate the historic structure.   “This reservoir was built in 1904. We have three different kinds of building materials here. You can see the granite blocks, the red bricks and also the concrete. That is quite a rare case in Hong Kong,” he said.   To enable the public to enjoy the place, the department has completed improvement works for the service reservoir including the installation of a raised floor pathway, internal lighting, ventilation facilities and fire service installations.   The department has also installed a skylight to protect the service reservoir from the effects of weather.   The Government will carry out studies and consult the public, including collecting views upon participation in the guided tours. They will look into the option of conserving and revitalising the service reservoir in the long run.   Members of the public can make an appointment through the reservoir’s dedicated webpage from December 1.

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