More stringent virus testing set

The Government today said healthcare staff handling COVID-19 cases in the North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Centre must undergo virus testing every three days.   It explained that staff from high-risk and high-exposure groups will be subject to more frequent regular virus testing to counter the latest development of the epidemic and mutant strains.     The tightened testing arrangement took effect at the centre yesterday, following the same change in testing frequency for airport staff of targeted groups since last week.   All full-time and part-time staff concerned who have completed a COVID-19 vaccination course, are required to undergo a nucleic acid test every three days.   Staff members who have yet to complete a vaccination course, such as those who are unfit to receive vaccination at the moment due to health reasons, must get tested on a daily basis.   All staff of the above two groups have completed a COVID-19 vaccination course, the Government noted.   It added that it will progressively arrange for increasing the testing frequency for the working staff of other high-risk and high-exposure groups in the coming month.   They included staff at designated quarantine hotels, quarantine facilities and relevant designated transport, cold store practitioners, workers at designated container terminals and shipping services as well as community testing centres.

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