Cruise suspended for 21 days

The Centre for Health Protection today said the overseas COVID-19 case announced yesterday involving a crew member of the cruise ship Spectrum of the Seas is a re-positive case and it has requested the cruise to suspend its journey for 21 days.   Guests may be received again from November 11.   Following up on the case, the centre said the 40-year-old male patient remained asymptomatic and tested negative for the virus upon admission to hospital, while his antibody test was positive. Based on epidemiological and laboratory findings, the centre considers that the patient is compatible with a re-positive case.   The centre’s officers also boarded the cruise ship to inspect its sanitary conditions. In addition, the patient’s close contacts are being put under compulsory quarantine at a quarantine centre.   Spectrum of the Seas has been included in a compulsory testing notice which requires people who had been on board from September 30 to October 21 for more than two hours to undergo compulsory testing.

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