Resources recovery centre to open

O · PARK1 Visitor Centre, the first organic resources recovery centre in Hong Kong, will open to the public on March 1, with advance online bookings for guided tours starting today, Environmental Protection Department announced.   The centre has been collecting food waste since July 2018. It converts food waste into biogas for power generation through the application of advanced biotechnology, with a daily food waste treatment capacity of about 200 tonnes.   Its visitor centre uses innovative computer animations to provide a general introduction to the centre's operation, design and craftsmanship.   In the O · CLUB dome theatre, innovative computer animations are also used to illustrate the advanced food waste treatment processes and the associated benefits in greenhouse gas reduction towards combating climate change.   Visitors can also experience an exciting food-waste-to-energy adventure, together with four food-waste characters, through a lively cartoon feature at the theatre.   Along an outdoor visitor path with three attractions, visitors can take photos with the iconic Big Waster mascot, take a closer look at the actual-size equipment and systems, and appreciate the horticulture at the O · FARM sky garden.   Shrubs in O · FARM and all the gardening within the facilities are nurtured by in-house produced compost products. All visitors will receive a bag of compost as a souvenir to share the benefits of food waste recycling.   The visitor centre offers four guided tours daily except Tuesdays. Members of the public can make advance bookings for Cantonese, Putonghua and English guided tours on the O · PARK1 website.   Free transport between MTR Sunny Bay Station and O · PARK1 is available.

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