Alfred Sit inspects smart city projects

Secretary for Innovation & Technology Alfred Sit today visited various locations to learn more about the implementation and progress of smart city development in Hong Kong.   Mr Sit visited the CUHK Medical Centre, which is a smart hospital, and toured its ward, out-patient clinic and pharmacy to better understand its smart healthcare, services, and management.   These include a paperless electronic medical record system, a linen management system, and an automated drug dispensing and unit dose packaging system.   The hospital beds are also equipped with infotainment panels that can facilitate tele-visits and tele-consultations.    Mr Sit said he was pleased that Internet of Things (IoT), mobile information and communications technology and real-time data have enhanced the efficiency of hospital operations and patient-oriented services.   He then travelled to MetroPlaza in Kwai Fong to learn about a smart washroom solution developed by local startup Blutech IoT.   The system integrates artificial intelligence and IoT technologies and deploys various smart sensors, smart washroom signage and big data analysis to give precise information to visitors about a washroom's occupancy and waiting time.   At the Kwai Chung Customhouse, Mr Sit received a briefing on Smart Customs. With the support of the Innovation & Technology Bureau's TechConnect (block vote), Customs started a study on the development of a Cargo Big Data System together with the Logistics & Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre.    By using big data analytics and artificial intelligence to strengthen the risk management capability on cargo clearance, it is hoped that smuggling activities could be further combatted and overall effectiveness in law enforcement and trade facilitation would be enhanced.   Mr Sit said Hong Kong has a strong base on which to build a smart city. The Government will continue to work with various sectors and make full use of the city’s research and development results in building a smarter Hong Kong.

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